Thursday, April 26, 2012

Shit Stacey King Says: Thursday, April 26, 2012 Bulls vs. Cavs

Every Bulls Game, Stacey King yells a bunch of things
 about a bunch of things and I write them down here.

"Catch phrase!"

  • "Ah ha ha ha. He had an acceptance speech out there. Oh my goodness." - Scalabrine was trying to get the crowd pumped up with a speech before the game
  • "    " - C.J. Watson hit the side of the backboard on a wide open corner 3 and somehow Stacey didn't say anything
  • "There we go. The Turkish Hammer." - Omer Asik put back. Stacey seems bored tonight. He's not even yelling when he says things.
  • "Watch yourself." - Taj Gibson had a pretty nice dunk. Seriously, Stacey is just mailing this one in.
  • "Ohh, that's a nice move by the rookie. Jumpin' Jimmy Butler. Goes from one side of the court to the other." - Jimmy Butler reverse layup. Stacey didn't even raise his voice. Someone get this dude a Red Bull.
  • "He's not the microwave. He's the easy bake oven." - Stacey's response to Neil Funk's comment about John Lucas III shooting a bunch this game
  • " soup for you." - Noah with a block
  • "Mike JAMES....who, Neil? ... Neil, when I say 'Mike James who?', you say Mike James. ...All right that's what I'm talkin' about. You gotta stay with me there." - Mike James 3 pointer
  • "Ohhh, John Lucas with a KISS off the glass. *makes a kissing noise*." - Lucas with a nice floater
  • "Ronnie Brewer plays that baseline as well as John McEnroe." - Brewer put back
  • "THAT'S, that's why Gee doesn't shoot the ball right there. That's why he puts the ball on the floor, Neil. He shot that on TOP of the backboard. Oh my. Heh Heh." - Stacey did not like Alonzo Gee's shot
  • "Yyyyou better move out the way. If you don't know Taj Gibson's reputation, you better move out the way. Cause he knows how to finish." - Taj Gibson dunk
  • "How about a suitcase with that travel? Oh my goodness." - Donald Sloan traveled

    • "There's my man. Mike James. *5 seconds of silence*. Neil, you're sleeping ova there. When I say 'Mike James', you s'pose to say WHO." - Stacey
    • "I, I was sleeping that time." - Neil
    • "Oh my goodness. I need to put an alarm clock." - Stacey
    • "Say, say it again."- Neil
    • "MIKE JAMES" - Stacey
    • "Uh, Mike James?" - Neil
    • "Oh man, you messed it up. It's over." - Stacey
    • "Who? Who's Mike James *laughing*" - Neil
    • "Ah, ah it's too late, Neil. I gotta pull the cord on you right now. I gotta pull the cord. Oh my goodness." - Stacey

  • "Look at James Lucas! With the tear drop!" - Lucas floater
  • "John Lucas is instant offense off the bench. Got a new fresh fade. Got the Rick Ross beard going. I like it." - Lucas jump shot
  • "OH THAT'S NICE. That's nice. John Lucas looking like a waiter out there. Settin' tha table." - Lucas pass to Taj for the dunk
  • "Hhhhheeeeeere's Johnny." - Lucas 3 pointer
  • "Okay, if we go for one more of those eye brow fakes from Harangody, I'm just gunna walk up outta here. ... He runs the 40 in 2 weeks! C'mon now." - Harangody got Taj on a pump fake
  • "FUNK, YOU HAVE TO GIVE THE WHITE MAMBA THE PROPER INTRODUCTION. *low voice* The man, the myth, the legend." - Scalabrine goes to the scorers table
  • "IT'S JOHN LUCAS' PLAYGROUND. IT'S RAINING JUMPERS IN CHICAGO." - Stacey is just yelling about fucking everything now
  • "Jumpin' Jimmy Butler" - Butler put back
  • "You are a cold, bitter man." - Stacey to Neil Funk
  • "OHH, The Texas Rattlesnake." - Jimmy Butler jump shot
  • Stacey ranted about how Jimmy Butler likes country music. I'm not typing that shit out.

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