Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fun with Basketball Reference: 2012 Single Game Stats

Most Shot Attempts

No surprises here. How about that monstrous 40/19/4 game from Kevin Love? That was a bit better than Melo's 25 points on 30 shots. Yikes.

Most Points

Wow, I definitely forgot about Deron going off for 57. Look at that shit. 57 points on 29 shots. That is what would commonly be referred to as "effeciency" or "woah dude that's really good". 21 free throw attempts!

Also shout out to my dawg Ben Gordon for randomly going off for 45 in a game this year. Kind of miss you, BG.

He's probably grabbing his nuts with his other hand

Most Rebounds

30 rebounds in one game is a lot of rebounds. That's 7.5 rebounds per quarter. 7.5 rebounds per GAME is more than Luis Scola, David West, Kendrick Perkins, Derrick Favors, Gerald Wallace, Dirk Nowitski, Al Horford, Elton Brand, and Shawn Marion averaged this year. 30 rebounds is a lot of rebounds.  Especially when it took Al Jefferson 54 minutes to grab 26 rebounds. ANDREW BYNUM.

It's easy to grab 30 rebounds when you make 
Dwight Howard look like a tiny child

Most Assists

Maybe these guys posted such great assists games because they couldn't throw the ball through the basket hoop themselves. Seriously, look at those shooting percentages. 3-16, 2-13, 7-20, 0-6, 3-11, 3-8, 3-5, 1-2, 6-13, 4-11....only 3 of these bros hit the 40% mark and two of them COMBINED to attempt 7 shots.


Rondo did have two triple doubles with 20 assists though. Mad props dude.

Most Blocks

Serge Ibaka is tall, has long arms, and can jump high. This is a pretty good formula to create a shot blocker. 

  • He had 3 games with over 10 blocks this year
  • Last year there were only 6 games where a player had 8 or more blocks
  • Serge Ibaka had 2 of those games
  • Since Ibaka entered the league (2007), there have been 7 games where a player blocked 10 or more shots
  • Ibaka had 3 of those games
  • Serge Ibaka is really good at blocking shots

Most Free Throw Attempts

Dwight Howard shoots a lot of free throws. He does not make a lot of free throws. He appears in the top 10 three times and went a combined 37-75 which is 49%. 39 FT's in one game is pretty awesome though. I bet that would be boring as shit to watch.

According to Basketball-Reference, 39 is the most FT's ever recorded in one game. Shaq is the only other person who has eclipsed 30. I was under the impression that Wilt Chamberlain shot a lot of free throws? Maybe not.

Most 3 Point Attempts

Now this is some fun shit to look at. It's incredibly surprising that most of these performances ended with really solid 3PT%. I'm kind of disappointed Nick Young didn't end up in the top 10.

Most 3 Point Makes

Ben Gordon went 9-9. No other analysis needed. Doing a cajones dance for you, bro.

Most Minutes Played

Gordon Hayward played 57 minutes in that 4OT game? Fuck. I feel tired just reading that and I've been sitting on my couch for like 4 hours.

Most Steals

Chris Paul: 33 points, 13 assists, 8 steals, 17/19 free throws. How are short people that good at basketball?

Lineups with the most minutes played in one game

45.1 minutes played for one lineup in a single game???

This happened in a 4OT game between the Jazz and the Hawks on March 25th. The Hawks won 139-133.

Most Minutes Played With No Field Goal Attempts

Shout out to Joel Anthony for playing 27 minutes and putting up a line of 0/1/0/1stl/3blk. This is a list of everyone who played 20+ mins with 0 field goal attempts

Most Turnovers

Baron Davis: 3-12 FG, 1-5 3PT, 9 TOs. Go, Baron, go!

Least Minutes Played Fouling Out

Hahahaha Eric Bledsoe. How is that possible?

Most Shots Attempted in 15 or Less Minutes Played

Will Bynum got 17 points in 12 minutes on 15 shots. I would have loved to see that.

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