Monday, April 16, 2012

Shit Stacey King Says: April 16, 2012 Bulls vs. Wizards

Every game, Stacey King yells a bunch of things
about a bunch of things and I write them down here.

"Catch phrase!"

  • "I tell you what watch your head there, Mr. Seraphin." - Noah dunks on Seraphin
  • "Cartier Martin with the...with the lasso on Jimmy Butler." - Martin fouls Butler by dragging him to the floor.
  • "*part growl* Ohhhhhhhh....JUMPIN' Jimmy Butler." - Korver alley oop to Butler
  • "If there's an MVP for benches, the Bulls bench would be the MVP." - Stacey gushing over the bench mob
  • "*part growl* CEEEEJAYYY WATTTSSSSONAHHH" - CJ Watson 3 pointer
  • "Ah who's that masked man right there?" - Rip Hamilton long jumper
  • "He's got some long fingers. He got those Arsenio Hall fingers." - Chris Singleton gets a finger tip on Rip's jump shot.

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