Thursday, April 18, 2013

2012-2013 Single Game Stats

  1. Steph Curry - 54
  2. Kevin Durant - 52
  3. Carmelo Anthony - 50
  4. Kobe Bryant - 47
  5. Steph Curry - 47
  6. John Wall - 47
  7. James Harden - 46
  8. Carmelo Anthony - 45
  9. Carmelo Anthony 45
  10. James Harden - 43
Honorable Mentions:
Jeff Green - 43
O.J. Mayo - 40
Al Jefferson - 40

Notes: Steph Curry's 54 points are the 10th highest since 2000-2001 (Kobe Bryant - 81 pts - 2006).

Kobe Bryant (8), Carmelo Anthony (8), Kevin Durant (6), Steph Curry (2), James Harden (2), and Kyrie Irving (2) were the only players to record multiple 40+ point games.

Kobe/Carmelo's (8) 40 point games are the 10th most since 2000-2001 (Kobe Bryant - 27 - 2005/2006)

14 players recorded a 40+ point game (the lowest amount of players since 2000-2001)

  • Paul Pierce (40 points) had the best FG% (81.3) and Kevin Durant (52 points) had the worst FG% (41.9).
  • John Wall (47 points) attempted the most free throws (24) and Deron Williams (42 points) attempted the least free throws (1).
  • Kevin Durant (52 points) played the most minutes (50) and Paul Pierce (40 points) played the least minutes (34).
  • Deron Williams (42 points) had the most 3PA (16) and Al Jefferson had the least 3PA (0)
  • LeBron James (40 points) had the most assists (16) and Kobe Bryant (40 points)/Carmelo Anthony (41/42/42 points)/Kevin Durant (52 points) had the least assists (1).
  • Carmelo Anthony (41 points) had the most rebounds (14) and also the least rebounds (2)
  • Steph Curry scored the most points in a loss (54)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The NBA's Craziest Off Court Incidents

I originally posted this on my friend's blog Son of Hilljack

The NBA has had some interesting personalities come and go through the league in its lifetime.  "Interesting personalities" is probably the nicest way possible of putting it.  The league has done a lot to clean up its public image of a "overpaid thugs", with mostly great success, but players personal lives still inevitably make it into the headlines.  With great athletic ability comes great responsibility to not do dumb shit, according to that quote from Spiderman that I just manipulated.

Athletes today are observed through such an intensely judgmental microscope that any slip up immediately becomes world knowledge.  Some of these are hilarious (J.R. Smith trying to get laid), some disturbing (Kobe Bryant trying to get laid), and some aren't any fault of the athlete (Carlos Boozer), but they all now have a place in internet history.  I've decided to try and chronicle some of the most stand out moments from NBA players past and present.

The Time Carlos Boozer Leased His House To Prince

Way back in 2006, Prince was leasing a 10 bedroom, 11 bathroom house from Carlos Boozer for $70,000 a month.  That was a weird sentence to write.  Anyways, apparently Prince didn't like Boozer's taste in decor so he decided to make some slight alterations.  According to the article, he made the following changes without Boozer's knowledge:
  • Painted the outside of the house with purple striping, Prince's symbol, and the numbers 3121 (his upcoming album title)
  • Installed purple monogrammed carpet in the master bedroom
  • Installed purple plumbing and piping to the downstairs bedroom 'for water transfer for beauty salon chairs.'
  • Lots of other purple shit probably
As part of a promotion, Prince is expected to hold a private concert at the Hollywood property--which recently was listed for sale at $11.9 million--for album purchasers who find a Wonkaesque 'purple ticket' inside their CD cases.
"No way bro, the best concert I've ever seen was a very intimate Prince show at a house that Carlos Boozer owned in Hollywood while getting my hair done in a purple salon chair because I found a winning purple ticket in his album sleeve."  How much do you wish you could say that?