Friday, July 26, 2013

The Stacey King Off-Season

The off-season is not only a time for Stacey to reflect upon his previous seasons' work, but to also prepare for the upcoming year.  "What worked and what didn't?  Did my cadence properly reflect the moment?  How can I fit more catch phrases into the telecast?  Should I just tell Funk to suck it and talk 100% of the time?"

The 2013-2014 Bulls roster is basically complete.  It is now that Stacey begins to craft his verbal sculptures.  This is the Summer of Stacey.

Stacey King - The Offseason

Stacey slowly opens the door as it moans with resistance.  Feeling up and down the the wall, he flips the power switch on.  A single, bare bulb awakens, filling the room with a silent hum.  The dusty, windowless room bites his nostrils.  This place hasn't seen life in exactly a year.

"Hello, old friend", he mutters as he sets his supplies in place.

His family thinks he's on his annual week long summer Bulls PR tour.  No, this is a time for Stacey to carefully create the next catch phrase sensation.