Sunday, April 15, 2012

Shit Stacey King Says: April 15, 2012 Bulls at Pistions

Every game, Stacey King yells a bunch of things
about a bunch of things and I write them down here.

"Catch phrase!"

  • "Put him in the spin cycle, Neil Funk." - Boozer did his little spin move in the post
  • "*part growl* Ohhhh...CeeeJayyy Watttsssoonnnahhh" - CJ hit a pull up 3
  • "There it is - heart, hustle, and muscle. Joakim Noah." - Noah tipped the ball twice and got it to go in
  • "*part growl* Ohhhh....Riiiippp" - Rip Hamilton 3
  • "Derrick Rose just threw Brandon Knight down like a rag doll. ...I mean get in the weight room." - Derrick Rose threw Brandon Knight Down like a rag doll trying to come off a screen on offense.
  • "That was *part growl* nasssstaayyyyy" - Jason Maxiell with a nasty put back
  • "*part growl* Roonnnnie Brewah. Gave a little look away to Kyle Korver, everybody went to Kyle, opened up like the Red Sea." - Brewer fake pass to Korver and then a dunk
  • "I tell you what..." - Stacey King says this before basically any analysis.
  • "He's open as soon as he gets off the bus." - Kyle Kover 3 pointer
  • "Gimme da hot sauce." - Kyle Korver jump shot
  • "That's that 40 inch vertical right there." - Rose blocks Stuckey's shot
  • "That was an ankle breaker right there as he shook Greg Monroe right out of his socks." - Rose with a cross over  on Monroe
  • "OHHHHHH!!!! THE WINDY CITY ASSASIN IS BACK!!!!!! HE'S BACK, FUNK!" - Derrick Rose hits a 3 to tie it at 86 with 6.4 seconds left
  • "Get in the weight room, Mr. Monroe. Get on the Booze Cruise." - Boozer muscles his way for a layup
  • "GIMME THA HOT SAUCE, CHICAGO!" - Korver corner 3
  • "Joakim a MAN tonight." - Noah OReb and put back
  • "There he is, big money right there. You can count that." - Korver clutch free throw

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