Monday, January 23, 2012

Shit Stacey King Says: January 23, 2012 Bulls vs. Nets

Every Bulls game, Stacey King yells a bunch of things
 about a bunch of things and I write them down here.

"Catch phrase!"

  • "Chicago's finest brew." Ronnie Brewer layup
  • "Who's that masked man, Neil Funk? It's Rip Hamilton!" Rip made a tough shot fading to his right
  • "OH, SCAL! THE WHITE MAMBA DON'T DO 'EM LIKE THAT! DON'T SHOW THEM THE VERSATILITY! SHOW ONE SIDE THEN GO TO THE OTHER! Boy that boy is smooth, Funk." Scalabrine with a reverse layup
  • "He's not a side show. The White Mamba can play."
  • "I'll tell ya. He had an off-season that you probably don't want to remember. He got married to Kim Kardashian and that...was a disaster. I mean, it was, that marriage was over as fast as your hair gone." Stacey zinging Kris Humphries and Neil Funk in one rant
  • "I'm sittin' here 'are we talking to Doctor Phil'? He's like the ODE...ODA? What is that? Dan is...Dan has his own language. I like Dan. Dan, Dan is creative. I like a man who's creative." No idea what the fuck this whole thing was about. Some guy came on during a timeout and was talking about Noah's "Outward Display of Emotion"
  • "I tell you right there, it's trick or treat. We're taking your candy." Rose had back to back steals
  • "Scalabrine, he's showing it all. NOT ONLY CAN HE SHOOT THE JUMPER, BUT HE GETS HIS TEAMMATES INVOLVED. So smooth, so smooth." Scalabrine with an assist to Boozer.
  • "AHHHH, LET ME TAKE A STEP BACK AND KISS MYSELF, NEIL FUNK. *kissing noises*" Derrick Rose step back jumper

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