Saturday, January 21, 2012

Shit Stacey King Says: January 21, 2012 Bulls vs. Bobcats

Every Bulls game, Stacey King yells a bunch of things
 about a bunch of things and I write them down here.

"Catch phrase!"

  • "He's still passing out tickets to the Booze Cruise." Boozer made his first jumpshot
  • "They parted that like the Red Sea." There was a driving lane for CJ
  • "This is what we call post up right here, like Raisin Bran." Boozer made a baby hook over Mullens
  • "Deng-gerous." Luol Deng made a jumpshot
  • "Ohhhh no soup for you!" Omer Asik blocked a shot
  • "Luol Deng-gerous Deng" Deng put-back dunk
  • "Kemba Walker is 6 foot, if that. Maybe if he had heels on."
  • He referred to Omer Asik as the Turkish Wall
  • "That jumper is wet, Funk. It's wet!" Boozer made a jumper

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