Monday, June 28, 2010

We'll miss you, Kirk

Kirk Hinrich, also known as "Kurt" to smooth haired Italians, was a very polarizing player during his tenure with the Chicago Bulls. Depending on who you talked to, Hinrich was either a glue guy who was a behind the scenes leader who played stout, on the ball defense with a lot of Thrust™ or an undersized, overpayed two guard who was over rated on defense and was the worst/streakiest shooter in history who represented everything wrong with the Bulls organization.

Now I will admit he was over payed and was a lousy shooter but I was a big fan of Kirk. Mostly because I think if I was to play in the NBA I would be Hinrich 2.0. He was just the victim of an organization that valued intangibles way too much and shelled out a hefty contract to a guy who never took a play off. Now he's shipped out of town just to get his contract off our books. Funny how the NBA works.

Kirk had a great run with the Bulls and I wish him the best on the Wizards. The assholes at the UC better not fucking boo him when he comes back. Now for the top 8 reasons we'll miss him...

1. He's the Bulls all time leader in 3PM, 4th in Steals/Assists, and 9th in Points
2. He's a white point guard
3. He's a ladies man

4. He may have dunked once

5. Would have kicked the shit out of Rondo in the playoffs a couple years ago if it wasn't for the combo of the White Panther and Vinny

6. Always guarding the best offensive wing player regardless of how big and most of the time doing an excellent job
7. This story by K.C. Johnson
8. Possibly being the final factor in the Bulls getting LeBron James.

Thanks, Kirk.

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